In 1968, Celje, Slovenia, nine east European cities participated in a sports competition. It was considered the 1st International Children’s Games.

The establisher, a Slovenia sports instructor Metod Klemenc, was seeking to promote peace and friendship. And he found that sport was the answers of his ideal.

Gathering youths aged between 12 to 15 from different countries, and arrange them to compete in variety of sport events. The Games aim to enable youths to meet and develop friendship and then deeply understand each other’s culture.

The cross-cities sports game was enlarged later on. More than 400 cities have participated in the Games till now. As its extensiveness, the International Olympic Committee awarded International Children’s Games a recognition of annual Olympics game.

The International Children’s Games are presented in a reliable structure and each year Summer Games with more than 1500 athletes in 7 to 10 disciplines take place for 5 days. Usually up to 75 cities from all around the world participate. Every two years Winter Games with 600 athletes are organized.