Basketball 5X5


Basketball (5X5)
31.7 July – 2.8 August, 2018

Venue: Malha Sports Center ג€“ 3 Avraham Stern St,

Technical Handbook Basketball (5X5)

1. Venue
Seligsberg Sports Gym – 29 David Raziel St,
Malha Sports Center ג€“ 3 Avraham Stern St,
Denmark Sports Gym ג€“ 26 Yehuda ha-Nasi St.

2. Court
– The game will be played on a court of a regular FIBA basketball playing court.
– The court shall have a regular basketball playing court sized zone, including a free throw line (5.80m), a three point line (6.75m) and a no-charge semi-circleג€œ area underneath the basket

3. Identification
All athletes must show their accreditation cards with photos – An athlete will not be permitted to compete without the accreditation.

4. Competition information
4.1 Teams
– Number of teams that can participate: 16 Boyג€™s teams and 8 girlג€™s teams
– Each team shall consist of a maximum of eight (8) players (5 players on the court and 3 substitutes) and one (1) coach.
– Number of coaches: One (1) for Boyג€™s team & One (1) for Girlג€™s team.
4.2 Game Officials
– The game officials shall be two (2) referees assisted by two (2) table officials, namely a scorer, a timer and a 24 seconds operator.
4.3 Basketball apparel
– Basketball Teams must have a minimum of two sets of shirts as well as basketball shoes, socks, shorts, t-shirt. All equipment used by players must be appropriate for the game.
– Any equipment that is designed to increase a playersג€™ height or reach or in any other way give an unfair advantage is not permitted.
4.4 Ball size
– 7 for boys and 6 for girls
4.5 Playing time/Winner of a Game
– Each game will consist of 4 quarters of 8 min include stopping time. Last two min on the last quarter include stopping time.
– Half time duration: 8 minutes
– Duration between the quarters: 2 min
– Warm up duration: 10 minutes
– If two teams involved in a tie score at the end of playing time the game shall continue with as many extra time periods of two (2) minutes as is necessary to break the tie. Extra time period for the finals only will be three (3) minutes, include stopping time.
– (2) Two points awarded for a win
– One for a loss
– Technical loss ג€“ 0 points

4.6 Fouls by Player/Fouls by Team

– A player who has committed five (5) fouls personal or technical shall be informed thereof by the referee and must leave the game immediately.
– Each team shall do its best to secure victory, but this must done in the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Any deliberate or repeated non cooperation or non- compliance with the spirit of this rule shall be considered as a technical foul.
– A team shall lose a game by default if, during the game, the team has fewer than two players on the playing court ready to play.
– A team foul will be 7 each quarter, after 7 two free throw.

4.7 Game lost by forfeit:
– The game is awarded to the opponents and the score shall be twenty to zero (20-0). Athletes will be excluded from the games for indecent behavior, offence provided by words or actions, violent behavior, abusive language.

4.8 Twenty four second device
– The team must attempt a shot for a field goal within 24 seconds.

4.9 Substitutions

– Teams are allowed to proceed to unlimited number of substitutions according the FIBA regulations. During a game only the coach and the players has
to be in the field of play

4.10 Time-outs
Team have one time-out each quarter and one in
over time.

4.11 Groups
– The tournament will begin with four (4) groups for boys and two (2) groups for  girls on July 31 and will end on August 2nd with the final four at the Malha Sports Center. Each group will consist of four (4) (or more) teams into which competing cities have been randomly assigned.

In the case where in the final standings there are an equal number of points between 2 teams, the team that won the game between them will go to the next stage.

In the case where in the final standings there are an equal number of points between three (3) teams, the team that will go to the next stage will be decided as follows:

  1. The internal won-loss records between the teams involved.
  2. Internal points difference between the teams involved.
  3. General points difference for the entire tournament.

– For the needs of training, the athletes will be able to use the same venue (or any other) on July 30.

5. Disputes
Any disputes will be resolved in compliance with FIBA rules and the clauses included in the ICG Sports Rules. Any disputes will be heard by the Basketball Appeals Coordinator and the Protest

6. Medical
A First Aid Service will be available on site. Full Medical Service will be available at one of the hospitals in Jerusalem.

7. Technical meeting

The technical meeting for Basketball competition will be held on the July 30, 9 am at Bait Vagan Guesthouse. If itג€™s necessary, we will proceed to another technical meeting in order to ensure the quality of the Competition. The FIBA website provides a copy of the latest FIBA Constitution, Laws and Regulations for competition.

8. Essential information
– All the teams must be at the court 45 minutes before the designated fixture. Teams
– (Coaches, Players) should arrive at basketball venue with the necessary accreditation. All delegation must to comply with any indication made by the venue staff, without creating any kind of problem to other teams. For any issue or protest, the Head of Delegation has to contact the competition manager immediately. If anything negative is observed, we request immediate report to the department responsible person.

9. Disciplinary Rules
– The ICG Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. Athletes and coaches will be excluded from the Games for indecent behaviour, offence made through words and/or actions, violent behaviour, and abusive language.
– All delegations have to comply with any instruction given by the venue staff.
– Coaches are responsible for the well-being and behaviour of their athletes at all times.

10. Medals

– The following Medals will be awarded:
GOLD ג€“ for team ranking first in the competition
SILVER ג€“ for team ranking second in the competition
BRONZE ג€“ for team ranking third in the competition
– Medalists should be present at the ceremony and must wear their team uniform.

11. Training Schedule

Training times available at request at the Facilities on July 30.

12. Forms

Latest – international FIBA form is used; must be provided by organizers.

13. Timetable

Will be published on the website

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