Giro d’Italia – Jerusalem on the World Sports map!

Giro d’Italia – Jerusalem on the World Sports map!

For a few days Israel became a professional cycling powerhouse, the Giro d’Italia, The prestigious cycling race, the second most important after the Tour de France, Israel’s largest sporting event, Was launched in Jerusalem, and for many kilometers, tens of thousands of residents, athletes, and many curious people accompanied the event, The launch and the spectacular ceremony.

In the city of Jerusalem there were two days of happening in honor of hosting the Jiro.
In the main square of the city, a ceremony and opening ceremony for the race was held, attended by thousands of people of all ages from all over the world, who came to watch and participate in this international event.

The giro race took place the next day and passed major arteries all over the city – thousands encouraged the riders at all stages of the race.

And we are already waiting for the following sporting events…

Photo credit: Giro d’Italia Big Start Israel