Basketball (5X5)
30.7 July – 1.8 August, 2018

Venue: YMCA Sports Center

Technical Handbook

1. Venue
YMCA Sports Center.


2. Competition system

The tournament will be played in a round-robin system.
• 2-3 participants: the judoka will fight a double round-robin;
• 4-7 participants: the judoka will fight a single round-robin;
• 8-12 participants: the judoka will be split in two pools. Each pool try single round -robin. The number one and two in each pool qualifies for the semi-final. The winners of the semi-final qualify for the final, the losers of the semi-final will fight for the bronze medal.
• 13-20 participants : Quad pool. Four groups with 3, 4 or 5 participants . The number one and two in each pool qualifies for thequarter -final. A1 vs B2, A” vs A2, C1 vs D2 and D1 vs C2 . Winners in semi final have final fight, losers share bronze medail
• 21 and more participants : prol onged double represage ( repair fight ). All loosers have additional repair fight .
4. Team Competition
Number of participants in one team: 3 boys and two girls.
Categories (3 + 2).
Boys categories : (50 – 60 – 73 kg)
Girls categories: (52 – 63 kg).
A team that is not full could borrow max. one competitor from other cities (countries) to have a full team. System of team competition is same like for individual competition, with only one bronze medail for team.
5. Competition rules:
• A city enters a maximum of six boys and six girls, a minimum of 4 (2:2 or 4:0)
• Per team only one athlete may compete in a particular weight class
• There is one coach for all delegate Judo athletes
• Weight classes may be combined if there is
a shortage of participants in certain weight
• All athletes must be able to show their identification card. When unable to show the identification card,participation is not possible.
• Shime-waza or kansetsu-waza are not permitted
• The rules of the International Judo Federation (IJF) are leading in the
• A match lasts three minutes, if it has not been decided, we use a “Golden Score”?
• The tournament will be played on the basis of knock-out
• The Judo mat consists of a 7x7m combat zone with ansafety margin of three meters around it.
• On the day of the training / morning of the race, all athletes are weighed to see if they meet the correct weight.
• Contest duration will be three minutes. In case of a draw there will be a golden score without time limit;
• White and blue judogis are required in all categories.
6. Registration and Weight-In
Will take place at the Mifal Hapais Hall, Pisgat Zeev.
Registration: 30 July at 12:00-14:00. Unofficial weigh-in: 30 July at 12:00-14:00. Official weigh-in: 30 July at 14:00-15:00. The registrations and weight controls will only be conducted during the above mentioned hours, so please come in time! The draw will be held after weigh-in.
7. Disputes
Any disputes will be resolved in compliance with IFJ rules and the clauses included in the CG Sports Rules. Any disputes will be heard by the Protest Committee.
8. Disciplinary Rules
• The ICG Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. Athletes and coaches will be excluded from the Games for indecent behaviour, offence made through words and/or actions, violent behaviour, and abusive language.
• All delegations have to comply with any instruction given by the venue staff.
• Coaches are responsible for the well-being and behaviour of their athletes at all times.
9. Presentation of Medals
• The following medals will be awarded:
Gold Medal for athletes ranking first (1st)
Silver Medal for athletes ranking second (2nd)
Bronze Medal for athletes ranking third (3rd) in categories with more than one pool will have 2 Bronze Medals.
• Medalists should be present at the ceremony and must wear their team uniform.

10. Weight Categories:

10.1. Girls
Weights: -33 kg, -36 kg, -40kg; -44kg; -48 kg
-52 kg ; -57 kg ; -63 kg ; -70 kg ; +70kg
10.2. Boys Weights: -36 kg, -40, kg, -45 kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60
kg, -66 kg, -73 kg, -81 kg, +81 kg
11. Competition Schedule
Will be published on the website. Competition starts at July 31 at 10:00. Medal Ceremony will be held after the last fight. The time of the duels in all categories will run
12. Training Schedule
Training times available at request at the hall on July 30 12:00-15:00
13. Medical
A First Aid Service will be available on site. Full
Medical Service will be available at one of the hospitals in Jerusalem. 14. Technical Meeting The Judo Technical Meeting will be held on July 30, 9 am at Bait Vagan Guesthouse. Each participating city may be represented by one official. The IFJ website www.ijf.org provides a copy of the latest IJF Constitution, Laws and Regulations for competition.
15. Rules of fair play
• Enjoy yourself;
• Play within the rules;
• Respect the referees and umpires;
• Respect the opposition and their supporters;
• Be gracious winners and dignified losers;
• Play hard BUT fair.
16. Timetable
Will be published on the website
17. Sugestion for Joint Training
Not necessary, but it is welcome. With some medalist from biggest world tournaments (Olympics games, World championships and similar) This training will help young judokas returning home with beautiful memories.

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