31.7 July – 1.8 August, 2018

Venue: Ymca Swimming pool

Technical Handbook

1. Venue
Ymca Swimming pool – 26 King David St.

2. Competition Information*/
Swimmers may compete in 4 events plus 2 relays.

There will be the following competitions:
50m, 100m, 200m, 400m Freestyle
50m, 100m, 200m Backstroke
50m, 100m, 200m Breaststroke
50m, 100m, 200m Butterfly
200m Individual Medley
4 x100m Freestyle Relay
4 x100m Medley Relay

Each City may enter a maximum of 4 boys and 4 girls and minimum 2 boys and 2 girls. (2+0, 2+0, minimum two athletes and one coach)

• Cities can enter a maximum of 2 swimmers per event.
• Swimmers must supply personal best performance times for each event during registration process.
• The pool is an indoor 25 m lane facility.
• Electronic timing and lane display scoreboard will be in use.

• Participant seating will be in the grandstand.
• One coach per city allowed.
• Swimmers may compete in 4 single events plus 2 relays.

3. Identification

All athletes must show their accreditation cards with photos – without that card athlete cannot compete.

4. Competition Rules

• The meet will take place according to FINA and ICG rules.
• Racing suits are required for all competitors. Swimwear must comply with current FINA regulation.

• No dives or jumps are allowed unless in designated lanes opened up by the officials or meet  director.

• Athletes will be provided with full pool access for warm up at least 30 minutes prior to the first race

• A and B Finals will take place in all 50m and 100m events. Medals will only be awarded to the first
three athletes/teams in ‘A’ Finals.

5. Disputes

Any disputes will be resolved in compliance with FINA rules and the clauses included in the ICG Sports Rules. Any disputes will be heard by the Protest Committee.

Disciplinary Rules

• The ICG Code of Conduct must be adhered toat all times. Athletes and coaches will be excluded
from the Games for indecent behavior, offence made through words and/or actions, violent
behavior, and abusive language.

• All delegations have to comply with any instruction given by the venue staff.

• Coaches are responsible for the well-being and behavior of their athletes at all times.
Presentation of Medals

• The following Medals will be awarded: GOLD – For individual and relay squad ranking first in the
competition SILVER – For individual and relay squad ranking second in the competition
BRONZE – For individual and relay squad
ranking third in the competition

• Medalists should be present at the ceremony and must wear their team uniform.


A First Aid Service will be available on site. Full Medical Service will be available at one of the hospitals in Jerusalem.

Technical Meeting
Technical meeting will be held on July 30, 9 am at Bait Vagan Guesthouse.

Training Schedule
Training schedule will be on July 30 at Ymca Swimming pool. The FINA website www.fina.org provides a copy of the latest FINA constitution, Laws and regulations for competition.

Will be published on the website.

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