31.7 July – 1.8 August, 2018

Venue: Jerusalem Tennis Center

Technical Handbook Tennis

1. Venue
Malha Tennis center – 1 Avraham Elmali’akh St.

2. Competition Information
• Number of coaches: One for every team.
• Number of athletes: minimum 2 players – maximum two per gender. Maximum number of athletes: 32 per gender
• Maximum number of teams: 16 per gender
• The tournament will begin with first (1st) for singles main draw on 31 July and will end on August 2nd with the finals for doubles and the finals for singles main draw at the Tennis Venue.
• 11 hard court
• 11 courts appropriate for singles and doubles matches.
• For the needs of training, the athletes will be able to use the same courts or another one on July 30.
• All equipment used by players must be appropriate for the match according the I.T.F. regulations.
3. Identification
All athletes must show their accreditation cards with photos – without that card athlete cannot compete.
4. Competition Rules
• During a match only the players are allowed to be in the playing court. All the coaches must be outside the playing court and are not allowed to coaching.
• Playing court size will be 23,77m X 8,23m for singles
• Playing court size will be 23,77m X 10,97m for doubles.
• Warm up duration: 5 minutes.
• Matches will be played with official balls Treton / Willson
• Each Single Match – the tournament will begin with 8 groups of 4 players on July 31. Each game will be played until 8 games (at 7-7 will play super tie break until 7 points). The top 2 players from each group will continue to 1/8, quarter and Semi Finals (They will play best of 3 at set all will play super tie break till 10 points. Places 3 and 4 will play the same).
• Finals – best of 3 (include 3rd set)
• Doubles match – 4 groups 4 doubles .same system as single except at 40-40 we play deciding point, receiver’s choice.
• In the group the two or more players have the same number of points then the winner will be decided by the following in this order:
• Head to head games
• Game difference between all 4 players
• Game difference between all 3 best
• The first and second day of the tournament there is going to be one assistant referee outside of every court in order to detect and solve any issue between the players. It is responsibility of both players to keep the score of their match. In Semi-Finals and Finals there must be a chair umpire for every match.
• It is the responsibility of both players to keep the score of their match.
• All the players must be in the venue 50 minutes before the designated fixture.
5. Disputes
Any disputes will be resolved in compliance with ITF rules and the clauses included in the ICG Sports Rules. Any disputes will be heard by the Protest Committee.
6. Disciplinary Rules
• The ICG Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. Athletes and coaches will be excluded from the Games for indecent behaviour, offence made through words and/or actions, violent behaviour, and abusive language.
• All delegations have to comply with any instruction given by the venue staff.
• Coaches are responsible for the well-being and behavior of their athletes at all times.
• Presentation of Medals
• The following Medals will be awarded:
GOLD – For single and double ranking first in the competition
SILVER – For single and double ranking second in the competition
BRONZE – For single and double ranking third in the competition
• Medalists should be present at the ceremony and must wear their team uniform.
8. Medical
A First Aid Service will be available on site. Full Medical Service will be available at the one of the hospitals in Jerusalem.
9. Technical Meeting
Technical meeting will be held on July 30, 9 am at Bait Vagan Guesthouse
10. Training Schedule
Training schedule will be held on July 30. Timetable Competition schedule will be posted on the website.








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